American Canyon, California

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The City of American Canyon was incorporated in 1992. It is located about 35 miles northeast of San Francisco at the southern end of Napa County. American Canyon was developed following World War II, with the McKnight Acres subdivision in the 1940s and Rancho Del Mar in the 1950s. 

The City operates as a Council/City Manager form of government and is a general law city. There are four elected Council Members and one elected Mayor. The Vice Mayor is elected by the Council. The City Manager is appointed by the Council and serves as the chief executive of the City. American Canyon has a staff of approximately 80 employees, up to 60 part-time/seasonal staff, and a 2016-17 budget of just over $41 million (including the Fire District). 

City departments include Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Community Development, Police (provided under a contract with the Napa County Sheriff's Office), Parks & Recreation, and Public Works. The City is served by the American Canyon Fire Protection District, a subsidiary entity governed by the City Council and administered by an appointed Fire Chief. 

The population as of January 1, 2016 was 20,374, with a projected population estimated at 23,700 by the year 2030. This residential growth in past years necessitated the construction of a High School, which opened in August, 2010 and is the home of the Wolves. The American Canyon High School has extensive athletic facilities, and a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center featuring a theater that seats 400 people. Through an innovative agreement between the City and the Napa Valley Unified School District, the community is able to schedule events at the Center 180 days a year. 

A permanent green belt surrounds much of the City, including the Napa River and a 500-acre wetlands preserve to the west, the 640-acre Jack and Bernice Newell Wilderness Preserve to the east, and vineyard-covered foothills of the Sulphur Springs Mountains to the northeast. The Napa County Airport adjoins the City on the north, and the City of Vallejo is adjacent on the south. Major highways include Highway 29, the world famous Napa Valley Wine Trail that runs north and south through the City, and Highway 12, which connects with I-80 about three miles to the east and Sonoma County to the west. Currently the City is 6.25 square miles.

It is the goal of the City, pursuant to its General Plan, to accommodate a sufficient range of uses to support the needs of a growing residential population. The City should be a center of employment and commerce for regional and local residents and will provide an opportunity to capitalize upon the Green Island Industrial Park area, the City's proximity to Napa County Airport and Union Pacific Railroad, and the agricultural and vineyard industries of Napa County. 

As of March, 2010 there are 4,688 single family residential units, 843 mobile or manufactured homes in 5 communities and 442 apartments for a total of 5,973 residential units in the City of American Canyon. The city has 23 parks totaling 78 acres, a community gymnasium, a Senior/Multi Use Center and an extensive trail system with access to the Napa River. The City opened its Public Safety Center in 2007, a new City Hall in January of 2009 and a remodeled Senior/Multi Use Center in May of 2010. 

Napa Junction I, II and III, a 40-acre site on Highway 29 south of Napa Junction Road, is a mix of retail and restaurant uses, apartments and a three-acre community park. The project includes a Holiday Inn Express, the 175,000 square-foot Wal-Mart Super Center, numerous shops, and a 216-unit apartment complex. 

We are actively recruiting businesses to our City to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding residential community. Excellent business opportunities still exist in the City along Highway 29, which provides easy access from Marin and Solano Counties, as well as Central Napa Valley. American Canyon is an opportunity awaiting you.