City Attorney

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The City of American Canyon's Municipal Code established the Office of the City Attorney. The City Attorney is responsible for the following:

  • Advises the City Council and all City Officers in all matters of laws pertaining to their offices
  • Furnishes legal service at all meetings of the City Council, except when excused or disabled, and gives advice or opinions on the legality of all matters under consideration by the Council or by any of the Boards and Commissions or Officers of the City
  • Prepares and/or approves all ordinances, resolutions, agreements, contracts, and other legal instruments as shall be required for the proper conduct of the business of the City, and approves the form of all contracts and agreements and bonds given to the City
  • Prosecutes on behalf of the people including cases for violation of city ordinances when not otherwise prosecuted by the district attorney of Napa County
  • Performs such other legal duties as may be required by the City Council or as may be necessary to complete the performance of the foregoing functions


City AttorneyWilliam D. Ross, City of American Canyon City Attorney 

In the City of American Canyon, the City Attorney is a contracted position.

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