Stump the City Manager - Q&A (FAQ List)

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From time to time the City Manager opens up a Nextdoor session to answer any and all questions sent in from the community.  Some great questions come in and the answers are informative and useful.  Following is a list of some of the questions that we thought others would find helpful.

These questions came directly from the community.  Click on the question to find the answer.

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  • 1. How is the City getting involved in the creation of a new Middle School. The ACMS is overflown with students. We have a clear need for another one. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  • 2. I just found out that the little league is slated to be relocated. Any idea when and where?

  • 3. I was wondering if there will be any road repaving plans in the works for the west side of the city? There are a lot of pot holes around the city especially on Eucalyptus Dr.

  • 4. Is there a plan for taking care of the infrastructure of the older part of the city? Follow‐up: If yes, what is it? Follow‐up: If no, what is going to be done. It has always been my understanding that gas taxes were designed to be used for roads. What is the status of the use of our gas taxes?

  • 5. There has been talk about a park upgrade to ADA and wheelchair access is this just wishful talk or pending reality?

  • 6. Many signs re dogs need to be leashed yet many unleashed dogs on trails, dogs swimming in the wetlands etc. Is it possible to get some kind of enforcement?

  • 7. What is the plan to deal with Vallejo's homeless population which has moved into the Veterans Park area? I am curious as to both the short term and long term solutions to this issue. I have noticed an increase in police and public works presence which is great! But I have also noticed an increase in suspicious people in the area which is concerning.

  • 8. Can you update us on the repair of the water pipe that was reported about a few weeks ago in the Napa Register?

  • 9. What regulations are there for drones? A drone appeared a few feet higher than our back fence one night last week between 8 and 10 PM. That felt quite creepy. A family member said it had video capacity. The same location was operating a drone back and forth from approx. Corsicana to the marsh and back on Saturday afternoon 11/7 flying higher than any trees. It was annoying the hawks nesting in trees nearby.

  • 10. Road projects‐any plans to open Commerce Blvd to Wetlands Edge / continue Newell to Main by Walmart? If so, what is the timeline? Both of these could allow alternative routes, thus alleviating congested areas.

  • 11. Feeling negative here, somebody remind me again why it's more important to widen a new street and add curbs & sidewalk to it, on the East side of town, when the old side streets off of Kimberly, Elliott, Danrose, and surrounding neighborhoods, are horribly falling apart, and have been this way for many years? I am talking about the widening and sidewalk curb installation at Newell. That's great and all, but its not priority in my side of the tracks. what the heck?

  • 12. Not using garbage disposal related to water saving. City of Napa collecting food waste for compost, any possibility of same in AmCan?

  • 13. Over speeding along via bellagio. Is there a way to put stop signs along this route?

  • 14. When will the "homes" be removed from the casino property? I believe there was an agreement made between the city and the casino. When do they have to be torn down? They are an eyesore.

  • 15. So the slurry was put on the pavement and then ripped up a couple times, what were they looking for since we were trying to save money in the preserve? Student asked can dogs go into library since it doesn't serve food? How many seats are up for the new election and which are they?