Ringgold Distilling

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Ringgold Distilling, LLC proposes to convert a 8,000 square feet lease area in an existing warehouse at 108 Dodd Ct into a winery for distilling alcoholic spirits. The project consists of adding a new interior H-3 space that will house new ethyl alcohol distillation equipment, ethyl alcohol storage vessels, and bottling equipment. Outside of the building, a new emergency generator will be installed, which is screened with a slat wall fence. The Design Permit application was submitted on 9/8/2016 and staff provided comments on 10/7/2016. The applicant submitted a second resubmittal on 11/14/2016 and staff provided a second round of comments on 12/9/2016. The applicant submitted a third resubmittal on 1/13/2017. The Design Permit was approved administratively on 2/27/2017 with conditions. The building permit for their tenant improvement was issued on 4/6/2017.


Resubmittal 01.13.2016
Item #0 Response to Comments
Item #1 - GA1-GA8
Item #2 - Design Permit
Item #4 Project Narrative
Item #5 Specific Operational Plans
Item #6 Water Demand Report

Resubmittal 11.14.2016
Public Works Comments response
Revised Water Demand Report
Revised Will Serve letter
Ringgold Distilling - Incompleteness Items Response
Ringgold Distilling - Revised site plans
Updated Project Narrative

Submittal 09.08.2016
Floor Plans
General Arrangement 01
Narrative Description
Site Photos
Site Plans
Water Demand Report August 2016