The Finance Department oversees Finance and Information Technology. The Finance Division serves as the custodian of public funds and is responsible for managing and safeguarding the City of American Canyon’s financial resources. The Information Technology Division provides internal computing resources, provides technical support for city employees, and improves customer service through the use of information technology and quality telecommunications services.


The City of American Canyon’s Governance Protocols provide for a Finance Committee and establish its responsibilities.

The Finance Committee is made up of the Mayor and the Vice Mayor, the Finance Director, and the Chief Administrative Officers (the City Manager and the Fire Chief).

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee include: 
• Investment Policy Monitoring and Recommendations 
• Audit Management 
• City’s Self Insurance Program Oversight 
• Salary and Retirement Policy Review and Recommendations 
• Employee Benefit Policy Review and Recommendations 
• Liability Insurance Coverage Review 
• Quarterly Budget Review 
• Fiscal and Budget Policy Monitoring and Recommendations 
• Financial Advisor Recommendations 

The Finance Committee meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Oat Hill Conference Room at City Hall. Special meetings are called as needed. Agendas and minutes of meetings are posted in accordance with the Brown Act and meetings are open to the public. Any questions regarding items on the agenda should be directed to Christina Roybal, Finance Director.

Agendas, Reports and Minutes