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The American Canyon Fire Protection District ("District") was founded in 1957. When the City of American Canyon incorporated in 1992, the District was maintained as a subsidiary special district to the City of American Canyon. The District's response area is approximately 15 miles in size and protects a population of 19,454 (not including visitors).

Bordered on the south by the City of Vallejo, on the west by the Napa River and on the east by Interstate 80, the District is frequently called upon to provide automatic and mutual aid to multiple agencies in Napa & Solano counties.

Services We Provide

Providing a high level of FIRE SUPPRESSION, EMS, and RESCUE services to the community is a priority with a multitude of specially developed programs designed to meet this challenge. The District has representation on regional response teams such as the Napa Inter-agency Hazardous Incident Team (NIHIT), and the Napa Inter-agency Rescue Team (NIRT). The District is also recognized by the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES) as a Type I US&R single resource ("heavy rescue").

On May 16, 2014, the District commenced a "first response" Advanced Life Support Program. A fire engine is staffed by at least one firefighter who is also a licensed paramedic on a  24-7 basis. The District and American Medical Response (AMR) have established a public- private partnership that enhances the emergency medical system in Napa County and are working together to provide a  higher level of care to patients in the shortest possible amount of time. 

History of the District

The American Canyon Fire Protection District was formed by a vote of the citizens in November 1957. In the beginning it was an all volunteer organization. In the early sixties paid staff were added slowly due to increases in call volume.

In the early seventies staffing was again increased to a minimum of two personnel, twenty-four hours daily. At that time the District had a Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating of a Class 5. (ISO rates all Departments within California as Class 1 being the best, Class 10 the worst, and insurance premiums are based on the rating.) During this time the governing body was an independent, three person, elected Board of Directors. Members were elected at large.

In the 1980's the District faced financial problems resulting from the passage of Proposition 13. The District was successful in a voter approved fee which made up the loss in revenues. This fee, known as the "Fire Service Fee", was passed with the required two-thirds majority in favor. The District also passed a one-time tax on new construction by the required two-thirds majority. This fee is known as the "Fire Mitigation Fee" and is restricted funds only to be used for construction of new facilities and purchase of major new fire apparatus.

The current Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of the American Canyon Fire Protection District is a Class 2 / 2Y. Currently there are 62 Class 2 and 7 Class 1 Fire Departments out of 988 in the State of California.

Fire Service Fee Ordinance 2013-01

Fire Service Fee Ordinance 2013-01

Fire District Strategic Plan

 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

American Canyon Emergency Operation Plan

Emergency Operation Plan