Fire Service Fees

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Fire Service Board of Review Meeting

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, at 7:30 pm the Fire Service Fee Board of Review will hear protests or objections to fire service fees for the purpose of correction, modifying or confirming the same at the Fire Station at 911 Donaldson Way East. For more information click here.

Fire Service Fee Information:

In 1980 voters approved "Measure B", a special tax assessment to maintain levels of fire protection services in American Canyon. All property owners in American Canyon have been paying this special assessment since 1980. For more information please view Ordinance 2013-01.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the "Notice Re Equalization" a bill?

No, the Notice is not a bill.  It is a Notice to inform you of a Board of Review Meeting on a specified date each year in the event you have a question about the amount of your assessment for the upcoming fiscal year.  The Board of Review does not have the authority to waive the assessment, but does have the authority to authorize corrections if there is an error in the calculations.

Is the "Notice" a new fee?     

No, it is not a new fee.

Is the 'Notice" a subpoena?   

No, it is not a subpoena.

Is it a fee for service or a fine?     

No, it is not a fee for service nor a fine.

What is the assessment utilized for?

100% of the revenue generated from the assessment is utilized for general operations of the American Canyon Fire Protection District.  To see the FY2018-2019 Preliminary Budget click here.

What is the fee for single family homes?      

The fee for a single family residence is $92.06.

How are the fees calculated?

The Ordinance specifies how the fees are calculated.  Please click here to view Ordinance 2013-01.

To view the 2018 Fire Assessment Listing click here.  For Mobile Home Listing click here.