Pavement Management

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The City of American Canyon has approximately 110 lane miles of streets.  The most cost-effective, long-term method for managing a pavement network is through a Pavement Management Program (PMP). The PMP is comprised of many factors:  miles of streets, current street condition (PCI), proposed maintenance & repairs and budget to name just a few.  Another component is an inventory of subsurface utility needs.  These needs are identified in the Potable Water Master Plan, Sewer Master Plan and Recycled Water Master Plan.  All this information has been compiled into a spreadsheet that was presented to the City Council on May, 16, 2017 (item D.2).  This allows Staff to schedule work to minimize damage to newly paved streets and maximize the life of the streets.     

Maps of the proposed street surface maintenance and repairs can be viewed by clicking the button below. 

Street 16 17   Street 17-18     Street 18-19     Street 19-20     Street 20-21


Street Conditions

Pavement Condition Catagories

Based on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) the average rating of the streets in American Canyon is 67.

PCI Slope

By the time a road reaches 20 years and a PCI of 60, it has already lived 75% of its serviceable life but has experienced only a 40% drop in quality. However, once a roadway reaches a PCI below 60, rapid deterioration begins to take place.


Subsurface Utilities

 Underground Utilities

When planning for street repair and maintenance the City considers the surface and subsurface of the street. Underground work should be done, whenever possible, prior to paving to maximize the life of the street.