Drawings & Additional Requirements

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The following information must be prepared on a minimum of 11" x 17" size paper and drawn to a scale of 1/4" = 1' showing:

  • Plot Plan showing the size, position and setbacks of the proposed project in relation to existing buildings, property lines and public utility easements.  The plan is to be drawn to a scale of 1:20, which means 1 inch is equal to 20 feet.
  • Foundation Plan indicating the type and size of footing used and the pad/finish floor grades.
  • Framing Section showing sizes of framing members and methods of assembly and, if required, the R-value of insulation being used.
  • Floor Plan detailing the location of walls, supports, size and location of doors, windows, electrical outlets, heater, plumbing fixtures, smoke detectors and square footage of the project.
  • Roof Framing Plan showing details of framing, type of sheathing, nailing pattern, roof pitch and type of roof covering.
  • Exterior Elevations showing two or more sides of the proposed structure.
  • Four (4) sets of drawings must be submitted to the Building Division.
  • New commercial, new single/multi family dwellings or room additions over five hundred square feet (500) must submit one set of drawings to Napa Valley Unified School District for payment of school fees.  A letter from the Napa Valley Unified School District showing that school fees have been paid must be submitted before a building permit can be issued.


  • Depending on the scope of work, other documents such as engineering soils reports or Title 24 may also be required:
    • Two (2) sets of structural engineering
    • Two (2) sets of Title 24
    • Two (2) sets of geological report
  • A residential addition greater than five hundred (500) square feet or a second story addition shall require a geological report.
  • A residential addition shall include wall, ceiling, foundation, slab, or raised floor U-values as per Title 24 special package A or D as applicable, or submit a complete Title 24 energy compliance package.  Title 24 requirements must be an integral part of the plans.
  • New commercial construction requires that one additional set of drawings be submitted to the Fire Department.
  • If the new structure is a restaurant, one additional set of drawings must be submitted to the Napa County Health Department.
  • Commercial tenant improvements require two sets of Title 24 Energy calculations and may require engineering for any structural changes.