Canyon Estates

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An application has been submitted by Edward Biggs for a General Plan Amendment and Pre-Zoning Application and Annexation request for 38.2 acres located within the Urban Limit Line. The General Plan Amendment would change the Land Use Designation from “Special Study Area (SS) to “Residential Estate (RE).” The Pre-Zoning request would modify the existing classification of “Special Study (SS)” to “RR-20-00” to accommodate up to 41 single-family custom or semi-custom homes. The project site is located east of Vintage Ranch and Newell Drive generally between Donaldson Way and Granite Springs Road. The project location map may be accessed here. City staff screencheck comments have been provided to the applicant, and the applicant has submitted revised development proposal materials that are currently under review.  In addition, environmental documentation evaluating the potential environmental effects of the proposal is currently being prepared.  Revised project materials may be reviewed by accessing the links below.

In addition, a steering committee (the Watson Ranch/NV Ruins/Canyon Estates Steering Committee) has been formed to provide an additional level of review for this project and the Watson Ranch/Napa Valley Ruins. Information about the steering committee is available HERE.  Future project meetings will include review by the Steering Committee, Open Space Advisory Committee, Parks and Community Services Commission, Planning Comission and City Council.

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Photo Simulations

Donaldson Way Perspective
Granite Springs Way Perspective
Newell Drive Perspective

Revised Proposal Submittal Materials

Transmittal Letter
Responses to Comments
City Comments on Application
Booklet Plan Set 11-21-2013
Design Exception Request
LAFCO Annexation Application
Revised Traffic Analysis
Fiscal Impact Study Scope of Work
Market Comparison

 Canyon Estates Vesting Tentative Map

Steering Committee meeting information, agendas and meeting notes HERE

Environmental Documents HERE.