Napa Junction III Apartments

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Napa Junction III Apartments

Submittal 08.15.2014
A1 Building B20 1&2 Floor Plans
A2 Building B20 3 Floor & Roof Plans
A3 Building B20 Exterior Elevations
A4 Building B24 1&2 Floor Plans
A5 Building 24 3rd Floor & Roof Plans
A6 Building 24 Exterior Elevations 
A7 Typlcal Building Cross Section
A8 Unit Floor Plans
A9 Unit Floor Plans
A10 Clubhouse Floor Plans
A11 Clubhouse Exterior Elevations
A12 Clubhouse Roof Plan & Section
A13 Carport and Trash Enclosure
A14 Building 20 Color Scheme 01
A15 Building 20 Color Scheme 02
A16 Building 20 Color Scheme 03
A17 Building 24 Color Scheme 01
A18 Building 24 Color Scheme 01
A19 Canyon Ridge Color Rendering
NJ3 Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map
SL-2 Site Lighting Fixture Details 8.12.2014
SP1 Ttile Sheet
SP2a Preliminary Site Plan
SP2b Preliminary Site Plan - ALT
SP3a Preliminary Grading Plan
SP3b Preliminary Grading Plan - ALT
SP4a Premilinary Utility Plan
SP4b Preliminary Utility Plan - ALT
SP5 Details
SP6 Landscape Plans
V1-Alta-ACSM Survey

Fire Access Plan
Revised Traffic Study August 2014
Water Questionaire

Environmental Impact Reports

Building Architecture Plans
   Building Architecure Plan A3 Revised
Color Elevation
Cover Sheet
Exterior Color Scheme 1
Exterior Color Scheme 2
Exterior Color Scheme 3
Lighting Fixtures
Preliminary Grading Plan
Preliminary Landscape Plan
Preliminary Site Details
Preliminary Site Plan
Preliminary Utility Plan
Property Survey
Sewer Demand Memo

Response Memo 03.27.2014
Attachment 2 Traffic Signal Reimbursement
Attachment 4 Storm Water Plan
Attachment 5 Response to Engineering Comments
Attachment 6 Water Will Serve Questionaire
Attachment 7 Railroad Access Easement
Attachment 8 Site Lighting Cut Sheets
Attachment 9 Tandem Parking Assignment

Application Updated
Environmental Form
Fault Study
Geotechnical Report
Napa Junction Project Narrative
Napa Junction Signage
Napa Junction III Res Trip Gen Evaluation
Napa Junction III Tentative Parcel Map
Pre-Hydrology Report
Preliminary Title Report
Response Memo
Will Serve Questionaire

Sewer Demand
Water Demand
Water Use Will Serve
Lighting Fixtures
Site Lighting
Site Details