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Our waters, wetlands and uplands are part of an interconnected watershed system that drains into San Francisco Bay, the largest estuary on the Pacific coasts of North and South America. 

Before the 1850's San Francisco Bay had edges with extensive tidal marshes. Beginning as a Mexican Rancho, this land along the Napa River has seen many uses - from farming, ranching, hunting and fishing to salt production and waste management.

By the 1950's, nearly 85% of these marshlands had been diked or filled. In 2006 the City restored the low-lying floodplains to tidal and seasonal wetlands. These "baylands" provide habitat for many fish, waterfowl, shorebirds, and wildlife species.

From its headwaters near Calistoga to San Pablo Bay 55 miles downstream, a drop of water falling at the top of the ridge flows by gravity into the Napa River. There are 47 tributary creeks that flow into the Napa River: Fagan Creek, Sheehy Creek, Suscol Creek, American Canyon Creek and the North Slough are in our community.

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