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The City owns property in the northwest part of town near Wetlands Edge Road and Eucalyptus Drive. This 30 acre site is known as Clark Ranch West. For years, the use of this property has been discussed as a potential site for a multitude of ideas. These ideas ranged from passive to active recreation, open space, economic development opportunities, public facilities, museums, wildlife rehabilitation refuge development and expanded 4-H farming operations.

The City Council asked staff to begin a Visioning Process to help identify what the community would like to see happen on this property.  Over the past several months City staff has held 2 workshops.  The first session was held December 10, 2011 to receive input from various "stakeholders" including representatives from American Canyon service organizations, sports organizations, legislative units, faith based groups and school groups.  Minutes from this meeting can be seen HERE

A second workshop was held on May 9, 2012 focusing primarily on the neighbors in the area although the meeting was open to the entire community.  Minutes from this meeting are HERE. Listed below are some maps and documents you may find helpful in trying to learn about the area and to keep apprised on the status of the project.

A mailing list has been established to keep interested parties apprised of new developments or meetings.  If you'd like to be added to this mailing list please email

Map of the Clarke Ranch area

Minutes from the December 10, 2011 Stakeholder Meeting
Minutes from the May 9, 2012 Community Workshop

City Council Staff Report - Historical Overview and establishing Visioning Concept
City Council Staff Report - Limitations placed on property to allow annexation
2006 Investigative Study performed to analyze property
Historical Perspective - Open Space Advisory Committee Member and Prior City Manager






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