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Calling all middle school students!  Join us this winter as we set off to some fun destinations!  We are also offering some exciting classes.  Fun for all! 


Union Square Ice Rink, SF    Thurs, January 9    $15 (transportation only)            4:00pm/10:00pm
91400.101                                                       Responsible for $5 skate rental

The Great Mall, Milpitas        Sat, March 8           $10 (transportation only)            11:00am/7:00pm
91600.101                                                        Responsible for own purchases


Cooking for Teens
Do you want to learn how to make fast and easy meals?  This class is for teens that want to learn how to make delicious appetizers, snacks, dinners, desserts, and more!  Take what you learn home and surprise your whole family with some delicious food.

Grade(s):  6th-8th
Date(s):  January 16, February 13, March 13
Day:  Thursdays
Time:  3:30pm-5:00pm
Fee:  $25
Location:  Senior Multi-Use Center/2185 Elliot Dr.
Code:  62420.101

Introduction to Painting
Explore the world of art and learn the fundamentals, including line, shape, value, space, color and texture.  Students will be given assignments that will increase creativity and teach valuable skills.  These fundamentals will give any aspiring artist the tools to become true artists and the foundation to conquer painting.  Students will be introduced to a variety of mediums including, acrylic paint, oil paint and water colors.  Supplies will be provided (fee is included in the class fee).

Grade(s): 6th-8th
Date(s): February 4, 11, 18, 25
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm
Fee: $25
Location: Senior Multi-Use Center/2185 Elliot Dr.
Code: 62200.101

Young Leadership Academy - Your Personal Map
This 12 week curriculum is the first module of three.  The workshop offers accountability, group coaching, peer discussions, creative thinking, real life application, practical and personal project and a workbook.  Students will receive an authentic certificate of completion from the Young Leadership Academy for college and job applications.  Visit for more info.

Days:  Saturdays
Time:  9:00am-10:30am
Location:  Senior Multi-Use Center/2185 Elliott Dr.
Instructor:  Kasama Lee
Ages:  14-18
Fee:  $60 per Part (can enroll for individual parts, but must complete all 3 parts to successfully complete the module.  $170 if enrolling for all 3 parts

Part 1:  1/11/14 - 2/1/14    
Part 2:  2/8/14 - 3/1/14
Part 3:  3/8/14 - 3/29/14

Winter Break Camps 

Creative Teens Camp
Teens will participate in a week long camp where they can get those creative juices flowing!  Each day will be a different theme where every activity will be not only fun and exciting but also educational.  Teens will learn more about themselves and what they like to do.  On Friday we will be going on a local field trip to Larry's Produce in Suisun, where teens can purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables that will be used for juicing and smoothie making that day!

Grade(s):  6th-8th
Date(s):  January 6th - January 10th
Days:  Monday - Friday
Time:  10:00am-2:00pm
Location:  Community Center Gym/100 Benton Way
Fee:  $45
Code:  68900.101

Inventive Kids Camp
Kids will participate in a week long camp where they will get to use their imaginations and learn skills!  Each day will feature a different theme and every activity will be fun, exciting, and educational.  Kids will learn more about themselves in hopes of developing new talents and having fun!

Grade(s):  1st-5th
Date(s):  January 6th - January 10th
Days:  Monday - Friday
Time:  3:00pm-5:00pm
Location:  Community Center Gym/100 Benton Way
Fee:  $45
Code:  33910.101

Free Teen Programs

Bridging the Gap -  Teen and senior participants meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month to play games, discuss interests, learn about technology, share valuable knowledge, and become friends!

Dates:  Jan 23rd, Feb 13th, 27th, Mar 13th, 27th
Time:  4:00pm-5:00pm
Location:  Senior Multi-Use Center/2185 Elliot Dr.
Fee:  FREE!

(No meetings will be held on holidays or when school is not in session - December 26, January 9 & March 27)

Teens in Leadership - Teens get tools and experience needed to impact their communities in a positive way.  Take part in team building activities, develop creative and critical thinking skills, and develop leadership skills. 

Days:  Tuesdays
Time:  3:45pm-5:00pm
Location:  American Canyon High School, Room A147
Fee: FREE!
Instructor:  Kasama Lee 707-567-1049

Community Service Projects (CSPT) - Join a group of local teens who provide volunteer service at City events, attend monthly meetings, and also plan and organize teen activities such as dances, field trips, or teen special events.  CSPT members will gain valuable work experience as well as accumulate community service hours.  Get involved!

Date(s):  January 15, February 5, 19, March 5, 19
Days:  1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month
Time:  1:00pm-2:00pm
Location:  Parks & Recreation Department office/100 Benton Way
Fee:  FREE!
(No meetings will be held on holidays or when school is not in session)

For more information regarding our Teen Program offerings, please contact Program Coordinator Valerie Guerrero at 707-647-4575. 

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