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Community Policing
The American Canyon Police Department believes in the philosophy of Community Policing. It takes the cooperation of both the residents and the Police Department to ensure that we live and work in a safe community. Officer Ted Montoya is our Community Officer who is responsible for working with the citizens in our neighborhoods coordinating Neighborhood Watch, and proactive crime prevention program. All of our Officers have the training and knowledge to assist you in any concerns you have regarding your neighborhood or community.

If you have any question regarding your neighborhood and would like to talk to Ted, please contact him at (707) 551-0600.

DARE Program
The American Canyon Police Department participates in the DARE Program in local elementary schools. We believe strongly in the DARE program, along with their parents and school officials, is a vital resource for children to make good decisions and choices. Officer Wendy Daniels is the DARE Officer at Napa Junction, Donaldson Way, and Canyon Oaks Elementary. She also teaches a Life Skills Program at American Canyon Middle School and assists school officials with issues that arise in school.

The Police Department is committed to working with the school district and parents to ensure that our local schools have a safe educational environment.

Officer Daniels can be reached at (707) 551-0600.

The American Canyon Police Department has an active Citizen Volunteer Program. The program consists of local citizen volunteers that assist the Police Department with various programs. These program consists of assisting at the Elementary Schools, the Radar Trailer Program, special events, the front counter, and various projects for the officers and sergeants. The Police volunteers do a great job for the Police Department and the community.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Police Technician Kim Wilkinson at (707) 551-0600.

Career Opportunities
The City of American Canyon contracts for police services with the Napa County Sheriff's Department. The County of Napa handles all personnel matters, which includes hiring.
If you are considering a career in law enforcement and interested in working for the American Canyon Police Department or the Napa County Sheriff Department, please contact the County of Napa Personnel Department at (707) 253-4303 or contact Lt. Tracey Stuart at (707) 253-4475 or Click Here
The Police Technician position is a City of American Canyon Position. If you are interested in potential opportunities as a Police Technician, please call (707) 647-4361 or click here for a list of open positions.

Crime Reports
All original crime and traffic reports that are generated in the City of American Canyon are kept at the Records Division of the Napa County Sheriff's Department. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the report, you obtain one from the American Canyon Police Department Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. You can also call in and request a report by phone. The contact person is Police Technician Kim Wilkinson. She can be reached at (707) 551-0600. If you are not able to contact the Police Department during those business hours, you may contact the Records Division at the Napa County Sheriff's Department at (707) 253-4509. There is a fee associated with obtaining copies of reports.

Car Seat Program
Police Technician's Kim Wilkinson and Kim Perkins share in the responsibility of the Child Seat Program. Both are certified to install your child's car seat. If you are interested in more fact and safety information please refer to the following links.

If you are interested in having her help you install your child's car seat, please call (707) 551-0600 or (707) 648-0171 for an appointment.

Motorcycle Traffic Unit
Officer Mark Warrington and Officer Mark Brownlee are our motorcycle traffic officers. Commuter traffic and the surrounding highways impact the City of American Canyon. Keeping our local streets and highways safe is a high priority for our citizens, so traffic education and enforcement is very important to the American Canyon Community. If you have any traffic related questions, please contact Officer Warrington or Officer Brownlee at (707) 551-0600.

Helmet Program
The American Canyon Police Department has bike helmets available for local residents at no cost. Local service clubs and the Napa County Sheriff's Athletic League (SAL) has donated the funds for these helmets. If you are interested in a helmet, or know a child that needs a helmet, please come by the Police Department at 911 Donaldson Way East and ask for the Police Technician.

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