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Take advantage of the our Toilet Program. We offer a $100 rebate for replacing a standard-flush toilet with high-efficiency toilet (HET). An average family of four with a standard toilet will use 8,400 gallons of water per month. Toilets account for about 26% of the average household’s indoor water use. At 1.28 gallons per flush, an HET toilet uses about 80% less water for each flush. When choosing a new toilet, be sure to select a WaterSense-certified toilet to be eligible for the rebate. Dispose of your old toilet at the City’s Corporation Yard so we can recycle the porcelain.

General Plumbing Supply, on Hwy 29 in American Canyon, is a great local resource for finding a replacement toilet and all other plumbing related ways to save water and energy.

City of American Canyon Cash for Grass Rebate Program:

  • Cash for Grass Application (see for full terms and conditions)
    • $1.00 per square foot of turf removed, per-site maximum of:
      • $750 for Single-Family Residential (750 sq. ft.)
      • $2,500 for HOA/Multi-Family/Commercial/Institutional (2,500 sq. ft.)
  • Contact for additional information.

State Rebate Program:   

Single-family residences are eligible for the State of California Turf Replacement Rebate.  The program is temporarily funded by the Prop 1 Water Bond to help address California's historic drought.  For terms & conditions and the application process  visit, call 844-642-7410, or email