General Plan

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The General Plan is the foundational policy document of the City of American Canyon. The City Council adopted the General Plan for the City of American Canyon on November 3, 1994. The General Plan defines the framework by which the physical, economic, and human resources of the City are to be managed and utilized over time. By providing a basis for rational decision making, this document guides civic decisions regarding land use, the design and/or character of buildings and open spaces, the conservation of existing housing and the provision of new dwelling units, the provision of supporting infrastructure and public services, the protection of environmental resources, the allocation of fiscal resources, and the protection of residents from natural and human-caused hazards. The General Plan acts to clarify and articulate the intentions of the City with respect to the rights and expectations of the public, property owners, and prospective investors and business interests. The Plan informs these groups of the goals, objectives, policies, and development standards, of the City and the expectations and responsibilities of all sectors in meeting these. American Canyon's General Plan contains the seven elements required by state law, in addition to the optional elements, Utilities, Parks and Recreation, and Economic Development. 

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