Barry Callebaut Sugar Silo

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Barry Callebaut Company proposes to add a 40’ – 6” high sugar silo to their existing warehouse at 1175 Commerce Blvd. The existing single-story warehouse is a 200,017 square feet warehouse on a 12.8 acre lot in the General Industrial zone. The new exterior sugar silo will have a 14’ – 11” round base and a carrying capacity of 23,383 gallons (US dry). In addition to the new sugar silo, the intensification of the plant consists of a new chocolate production line, a new molding line, butter melting system, addition to the existing mezzanine, addition of interior storage tanks, cocoa butter melters, and new partition walls as tenant improvements. The Conditional Use Permit application was submitted on 12/8/2016 and the staff provided comments to the applicant on 12/22/2016. They are scheduled for a Planning Commission Hearing on 1/26/2017. The Planning Commission approved the Conditional Use Permit on 01/26/2017 with conditions. The building permit was issued on 03/28/2017.

Site Photo
Sugar Silo - Site Plan