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The City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR contains three basic sections:
  • The Introductory section provides general information on the City’s structure and the services it provides. It discusses the local economy, recounts key projects, and details financial planning issues and future challenges, as well as other vital topics.
  • The Financial section contains the basic financial statements and certain required supplementary information including management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A) as well as the independent auditor’s report. The MD&A provides financial highlights, an overview of the financial statements and compares key financial data to the prior year. Additionally, the financial section provides information on each individual fund.
  • The Statistical section provides a broad range of financial, debt and demographic information useful in assessing the City’s economic condition, much of it in the form of ten-year trend data.

The American Canyon Fire Protection District, a subsidiary special district of the City, is also included in the CAFR as a blended component unit. However, the Fire District’s Operations Fund is a major fund and is presented separately. Other District funds can also be separately identified in the CAFR.

The City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) can be viewed below: