The Mayor and City Council Members serve as the Board of Directors for the Fire Protection District and the American Canyon Financing Authority JPA.


  • American Canyon Emergency Preparedness (Alternate)
  • American Canyon Economic Development Committee (Alternate)
  • American Canyon Local Governing Committee - TBID (Alternate)  
  • American Canyon Water Resources Blue Ribbon Committee
  • Napa County Local Agency Formation Commission
  • Napa County League of Governments (NCLOG)
  • Napa County Youth & Gang Violence Commission
  • Napa County Watershed Information Center & Conservancy
  • Napa Valley Tourism Corporation (Alternate)
  • Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA)
  • Napa Valley Unified School District
  • League of California Cities - African American Caucus

In order to further the effective electronic exchange of information and views between the City’s residents and their elected representatives, the City of American Canyon provides each individual member of the Mayor and City Council with a page on the City’s Website. The contents of this page have been chosen by the individual council member, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the City of American Canyon, its Mayor and Council, or other individual council members.