The purpose of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is to provide the City of American Canyon with a long-range plan for capital improvements. It is a planning document and does not authorize or fund projects.

Investments in CIP projects shall foster goals of economic vitality, neighborhood vitality, infrastructure preservation and provide or improve service to areas lacking or having deficient service. Evaluation criteria for selecting which projects to include for funding shall include prior commitments, availability of state or federal grants, efficiency improvements, achieving stated economic development objectives, elimination of hazards and a project’s expected useful life. The general rules for inclusion in the CIP are a cost threshold of $50,000, a “life” of over ten years and requires two people to lift it.

The first year of the CIP is called the capital budget and is incorporated into the operating budget, which appropriates funds for ongoing day-to-day expenditures.

The planning time frame for the CIP is typically five years. It is produced periodically as a separate planning document to identify capital improvement needs and to coordinate financing and timing of those needs in a manner that maximizes the return to the public. Generally, as each annual budget is prepared, additional projects and priority needs are developed and added to the program to maintain a total five-year plan. Projects slated for subsequent years are approved on a planning basis and do not receive expenditure authority until they are eventually incorporated into the capital budget. As such, tentative Council endorsement of the overall five-year program is desirable for effective implementation of overall City goals and objectives.

Prior to approval of the capital budget by the City Council, it is reviewed by the City Council Finance Sub-Committee and approved by the Planning Commission for consistency with the General Plan.

The Finance Committee process is to carefully review the scope of each project, proposed financing and assessed priorities. Only those projects which are truly necessary are included in the capital budget. This will ensure that the City’s limited staff and financial resources are properly focused and that expectations for project delivery are realistic.

Due to complexity and regulatory requirements, capital projects typically require several years to complete so project budgets are established on a project-duration basis. That means that project budgets shall automatically carry forward to subsequent fiscal years until the project is completed. Projects are typically funded with a combination of general city revenues, developer impact fees, capacity fees, grant funds, and developer dedications.

The 2018/19 Capital Projects Budget will impact operating funds as follows: $200,000 from the Restricted Fund Balance General Plan Update, $1,802,000 from Wastewater Operations, and $668,186 from Water Operations.

For the City’s capital projects budget for fiscal year 2018/19 click here.

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