Will-Serve/Water Supply

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The Public Works Department is responsible for management of the City's water supply. As stewards of this important resource, Engineering staff are responsible for allocating water to City customers and ensuring that we meet the needs of everyone in our water service area.

For development projects, an applicant is required to submit a Will-Serve Application to the Public Works Department regarding their anticipated water demand and sewer generation rate. The request is reviewed in light of the Zero Water Footprint Policy adopted by the City Council in October 2007, which is defined as:

"No loss in reliability or increase in water rates for existing water service customers due to requested increased demand for water within the City's Water Service Area."

If a project does not have a zero water footprint, a Water Supply Report will be prepared. The Water Supply Report analyzes the request in light of the City's supply and distribution system. It includes the water demand, the capacity fee to be charged to the project, and any conversation or mitigation measures that may be required.

When the Water Supply Report is complete, staff prepares a "Will-Serve" letter, which sets the terms and conditions for receiving water from the City. Once the terms of the Will-Serve letter are agreed to by the applicant, the Public Works Department will send a letter to the Napa County Planning Department confirming that the City will supply water to the project. The Will-Serve letter must be issued prior to approval of a planning entitlement or a building permit.

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