Recycling & Solid Waste Reduction

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Recology American Canyon services our garbage, recycling and street sweeping in American Canyon. Find your service day, holiday schedule and sign up for collection reminders.



For many of us, recycling has become a part of our daily, or at least weekly, lives.  We know that recycling helps conserve natural resources, and most residents know that recycling conserves space in our landfills. But did you know that recycling also conserves energy and water and helps to reduce air and water pollution?

For example, production of recycled paper uses 80% less water and 65% less energy, and produces 95% less air pollution than virgin paper production. If every American recycled his or her newspaper just one day a week, we would save about 36 million trees a year. For every 4-foot stack of paper you recycle, you save a tree.

State law required all California cities and counties to cut the amount of waste going to their landfills in half by the year 2000. The Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989, was enacted by the California State Legislature to reduce dependence on landfilling of solid waste. Currently, we've met the 50 percent diversion rate. We’re improving, but this is an ongoing effort! The Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Guide for Napa County is a great resource for you to find the best ways to dispose properly and reuse. Click on the book to explore.