Water Rates

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This notice is available in Tagalog and Spanish at the City Hall Utility Billing Counter and on the City Website.

Ang paunawang ito ay mayroon sa Tagalog sa Munisipyo, Utility Billing Counter o sa aming website.

Este aviso está disponible en Español en el Palacio Municipal, en el Contador de Facturación de servicios Públicos y en nuestra página de sitio web.


The City currently purchases approximately 90% of our necessary water supply from the State Water Project. The other 10% comes from the City Vallejo and/or the City of Napa.

The Public Works Department is always working to decrease leaks and increase the reliability of our water sources in order to provide for our residents and businesses in the future. This requires significant capital improvement and participation in the Sites Reservoir Project for additional water supply reliability.

New development in our community is required to pay for any new infrastructure in three ways (Water Capacity Fee, Water Connection Fee, and Zero Water Footprint Policy). The Water Capacity Fee pays for additional pipes and upgrades to the treatment plant to meet the additional water demand. The Water Connection Fee is new development's way of paying its "fair share" of the existing water system. The Zero Water Footprint Policy requires all new development to offset additional demand on the water supply. The policy specifically states, “No loss in reliability or increase in water rates for existing water service customers due to requested increased demand for water within the City’s Water Service Area.” 

The City of American Canyon’s Water Division is an enterprise fund. The fund cannot show a profit, but it does need to maintain a reserve fund. The expenditures for operations (which includes the costs to buy, treat, and distribute the water), infrastructure (capital) improvements (water pipe repair and replacement, water treatment plant repairs and upgrades) and debt service (paying back of prior loans) are covered by rates and fees paid by the customers. The primary factors which impact our water rates include the cost of water, the cost of daily operations, and the capital improvements necessary to repair aging infrastructure. Although the City may be only 25 years young, American Canyon’s water infrastructure is up to 60-years-old in some neighborhoods.  

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