Hydrant Flushing

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Water Main & Hydrant Flushing

April 22, 2019 through May 3, 2019


What is Hydrant Flushing and Why is Hydrant Flushing necessary? 
Hydrant flushing is a periodic maintenance activity to clean and flush the City water mains. Over time, particles and minerals can build up in the water mains. Chlorine is added to the water at the treatment plants to ensure the water is safe to drink when it reaches our customers. As more deposits build up, additional chlorine needs to be added to the water which results in higher treatment costs and a less appealing taste for our customers. The deposits  that build up also react with chlorine and increase the potential formation of disinfection byproducts.  Flushing the fire hydrants mobilizes and removes the particles and minerals that have built up in the water mains, assisting the City in delivering higher quality water from the treatment plants to customers’ taps.

What Areas of American Canyon are part of the Hydrant Flushing Program?
Hydrant flushing will take place throughout the entire City of American Canyon Water Service Area.  Locations and dates are listed in the table below.  The Water Crew will begin in the industrial area North of the City and work their way South.  The process will take 2 weeks.

Hydrant Flushing 2019 Schedule

hydrant flushing 


How will Hydrant Flushing affect residents and businesses?
The flushing program may cause periods of discolored water in localized areas where flushing is being conducted. The discoloration is due to particles and minerals that have settled in the water main being mobilized by the high velocity water before being discharged through the flowing fire hydrants. The water will remain safe to use and generally clears within a few hours after flushing has been completed. Residents should monitor their water prior to starting laundry, especially when washing white clothes.

Isn't this a waste of water? 
The water used for this program is not waste.
It performs an essential water quality function and is a planned investment for maintaining the water system. The amount of water used is dependent on the amount of particles and minerals to be removed and the size and length of pipe to be cleaned.  The City did not do Hydrant Flushing, for 2 years, during the drought.  Best Management Practices (BMP) for our Water System states that Hydrant Flushing should be done annually. The program is expected to consume just one tenth of one percent of American Canyon’s total annual demand, minimizing the impact on our water supplies while improving water quality.

Why don't we just capture the water and reuse it? 
It is neither practical nor cost effective to capture high velocity flows in a mobile operation. There is equipment available today that is essentially a mobile treatment plant that treats the water and injects it back into the system, but the upfront capital cost for these systems is more than $500,000 and it is not a cost effective investment for the Water Fund.

Are we polluting the wetlands with the runoff?
The hydrant flushing staff will be using dechlorination tablets to remove chlorine in the water before the water goes into the storm drain system and eventually into the Wetlands. Due to the high volume of water flowing from the hydrants, the dechlorination tablets may cause some bubbling of the water, giving it a soapy appearance. The tablets are environmentally safe and are being used to protect the wetlands.

if we have additional questions, whom do we call?
Customers may call the Water Treatment Plant office at (707) 258-1269, Utility Billing at (707) 647-4364 or Public Works at (707) 647-4558. Customers may also visit us at our office located at 4381 Broadway, Suite 201 between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday (except for holidays).