State of the City 2019 Presentation Questions

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  • Have you considered putting a covering and lights at the skate park so you can play in night and rain?

  • How will Napa Valley Unified School District measure success for each initiative?

  • How will the County Supervisors measure success for county initiatives?

  • Modern general plans include sections like noise element or quality of life section. Can this be added to ours? Also perhaps disaster planning and climate change.

  • Please give the status of City Master Plan – parks & rec update to the relocation of American Canyon Little League.

  • Re: Road construction on Donaldson Way & James Road. What is the final plan for that intersection? It seems it will be too narrow, as it looks right now.

  • What can be done to the street signs in American Canyon so that they are readable at night? Headlights can’t shine on them. I literally have to get out of my car at an intersection to read the signs – which seem to be useless. Help!

  • What measures will you take to slow down the speeding drivers on Wetlands Edge Rd for the safety of our children, our pets, and all others? Please comment.

  • What recreational activities/development is scheduled for the city?

  • When will Devlin Road be completed?

  • Why not a big chain restaurant?