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The General Plan is a long-range policy document which sets forth the goals, policies, and directions the City will take to achieve the vision of the community over the next 20 years. American Canyon's General Plan contains the seven elements required by State Law, in addition to the optional elements, Utilities, Parks and Recreation, and Economic Development.  

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The way we live and work has changed a lot since 1992 when the General Plan was adopted. The new 2040 General Plan focuses on accomplishing goals like these:

  • Shared economic prosperity
  • Enhanced mobility choices
  • Healthy and active neighborhoods
  • Industry and economic growth
  • Housing opportunities and housing quality
  • Recreational facilities and open space
  • Environmental health and sustainability
  • Safe and secure environments
  • Access to quality goods and services

When evaluating development proposals, decision-makers refer to the General Plan to see how the proposal achieves the desires of the community.

The City Council adopted the original General Plan on November 3, 1994. The General Plan is a living document. Since 1994, the General Plan has been amended to reflect community values and State law requirements.

General Plan

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